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Decorating with Mirrors

Mirrors are very important to have in every room of your home, because they add depth and allow unique vistas from their reflections. I remember touring Versailles one summer with my sister and being truly dazzled by the hall of mirrors. I imagined how splendid the evening must have been when the flickering candles were lit next to the mirrors. They must have offered countless reflections of light. Mirrors should be used as a decoration in their own right. You can rest them against a larger mirror, prop them up on a mantle over a fireplace or hang them on the wall. The frame is as important as the glass. A mirror offers a chance to use an ornate, artistic frame design without the distraction of its confines. I love to hang mirrors around my house in spaces which seem to lack character. The older the mirror, the better for me. I personally love it when the zinc starts to bleed thru the glass. This look is exquisite with an antique gold ornate frame. Tally Home has many mirrors to choose to browse. Come and take a look!

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