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Decorating trends becoming too trendy?

When I stop and look at the design magazines in the grocery store, I can't help but think people are loosing their own unique sense of style. We see what everyone else is doing and try to replicate it, because that tends to be the easiest design solution. Today, the trend is leaning towards greys and whites. The furniture is a midcentury modern copy, which to me feels very uncomfortable both to look at and to use. What is my suggestion? As a lover of everything antique, I suggest looking at the past and what has remained timeless in design for centuries. You can follow your heritage and retrieve some inspiration. Tally Home likes to decorate with warm wooden antique English, French and Bavarian furniture. By using pieces like these, you can instantly set the stage for your home. Placing old china on an antique hutch completely creates an inviting living space. Using toile fabrics on your curtains and furniture completes the timeless European feel. Toiles were originally produced in Ireland in the mid-18th Century and quickly became popular in Britain and France. The term, Toile de Jouy, originated in France in the late 18th century. In the French language, the phrase literally means "cloth from Jouy-en-Josas", a town in the south-west suburbs of Paris. Toile fabric still remains my most favorite option to use on my own furniture. Plaid fabric is also another choice of fabric to use as it has proven to be timeless as well. The earliest documented tartan in Britain, known as the "Falkirk" tartan, dates from the 3rd century AD. Plaid has survived many centuries. Tally Home demonstrates how to decorate with plaid! Please visit TallyHome on pintrest and browse our photo boards. These images will give you ample decorating ideas. Our store can provide you with antique furniture pieces from all over Europe. You can stay current with style by purchasing modern art for your walls and also by mixing in some modern pieces of furniture.

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